Medical Life Factory

about us



At the same time as the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, we found ourselves in a complicated predicament because of the lack of medical devices and equipment. The scarcity of medical equipment stemmed from a complete reliance on importation rather than producing it ourselves. Therefore we decided to produce the needs of our hospitals locally, both to ensure that such a deficiency does not occur again, but also to establish a high quality standard to offer patients and clinicians the safety and protection they want and need. As citizens of Iraq, we felt responsible and wanted to give back, hence why we established Medical Life Factory. Using state of the art technological tools and facilities, we started our production with select professionals in the city of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. These professionals were coached and trained by experts who have extensive experience in industry-leading factories. Our goal is not only to meet the needs of Iraq, but to make our brand globally acclaimed and to send our products to hospitals all around the world.


Forming a dynamic institution that is conscious of human’s health and well-being while recognizing its social responsibilities. Giving our customers a sense of comfort and reliability when using our products. Prioritizing the needs of our customers and thereby finding rational solutions to their wishes.


Being a globally acclaimed institution that produces all different needs of medicine in its facilities, creating a dependable and trusted brand that is relied upon all over the world, while adhering to quality standards and striving for continuous improvement.


We are aware of all the responsibilities entrusted to us as a factory that works in the health sector, while also acknowledging our responsibilities towards man and nature. Therefore, we have organised a quality management system that is suitable for the design, manufacturing and distribution of disposable medical equipment for surgeries and other medical treatments. Our company operates in accordance with ISO-standards and our products are CE marked.